The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Will Come In Two Sizes

The wait for the Fold might be a little longer than anticipated

Samsung has held on to the beloved jack when more and more brands are slowly abandoning it, especially on their higher end products. With the Galaxy Note line traditionally getting announced in August, it won't be much longer until we hear an official announcement from Samsung. Recently, another online leak suggested a major design change in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Expect the volume, power and Bixby actuation through capacitive buttons or haptic sensors like those found on the HTC U12+.

Samsung has already launched its Galaxy S-series flagship smartphones a few months back and the South Korean giant is now gearing up to launch the next-generation Galaxy Note-series flagship smartphone. It'll be the 10th anniversary Galaxy Note, and according to Android Police, Samsung may even release two sizes for the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy M40 will most probably have a 6GB RAM and 128GB of maximum storage. The rear cameras placement was previously expected to be vertical, instead of the horizontal one seen on the existing devices, and the new report seems to corroborate the information. A similar camera array was also seen on Galaxy A9 (2018), which was the company's first quad-camera smartphone. Samsung will seemingly have all of June to reintroduce its Galaxy Fold without having to look over its shoulder at a Huawei implementation that could be arguably better than its own.

In case you missed the global launch, the Galaxy A80 features a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels and an in-display fingerprint scanner on the front.

"M40 will come around the give or take Rs 20,000 price point - somewhere there", said Asim Warsi, Senior Vice President and head of Samsung's mobile business in India to Gadgets 360.