The Next iPhone Can't Do These Two Things At Once


Though the dock is not the ideal solution to this frustrating dilemma, for now Apple has not left us with many solutions.

With the included Lightning to 3.5mm adapter I will still be able to use them with the new iPhone 7 Plus, but I won't be able to charge up my iPhone. This, prospective iPhone 7 owners, is your future.

It's quite a pickle for those who have no intention of buying AirPods/Bluetooth wireless headphones, or those who like to physically connect their phones to wired speakers in the vehicle or around the home.

A more mobile-friendly solution, perhaps for the auto or sitting around at home, comes from Belkin with its Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar dongle.

It's not as easy, of course, as just plugging a pair of ordinary headphones into a headphone jack in the phone, but Apple assumes you'll adapt or, more likely, that you'll just ditch wired headphones in favor of Bluetooth ones.

Plug your phone into the dock, using a USB-to-lightning cable to connect the dock to a power source (or a PC) and you can charge the phone.

Belkin today announced the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, an accessory that will allow iPhone 7 users to charge their iPhones and listen to music at the same time. And you can plug headphones or speakers into the 3.5mm audio jack to listen to music at the same time.

The RockStar adapter will work with any device running iOS 10, so you can use your fancy Lightning EarPods with your iPad. Dongle features include compatibility with both the Lightning-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter and Lightning Audio headphones; it has pass-through charging up to 12W, and supports up to 48kHz 24-bit audio output. The backlash that Apple has received so far for their unveiling of a headphone-free iPhone 7 has been quite significant, and it's only natural that their rivals would capitalize on that. And you don't need to spend $159 on Apple's new AirPods to get them.