'The Mummy' awakens at NY premiere


All of these monsters have been revived already umpteen times, of course, but strangely enough, none more successfully than the Mummy, which spawned a 1999-2008 trilogy (not to mention the "Scorpion King" spinoffs). It was fun, well done and included some interesting ideas about history. Tom Cruise stars as an antiquities hunter who disturbs an Egyptian sarcophagus and awakes an evil spirit.

But even scrappy rodents powered by centuries of evil can't save the movie from a awful script, muddy cinematography, and mostly uninspired special effects. After stealing a treasure map from generic heroine Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) in a post-coital fog, Morton finds his booty alright, and unwittingly releases a great evil into the world. The action sequences are all well-executed. It is determined to be the tomb of ancient Egyptian princess named Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). There, Jekyll (Russell Crowe) loses control and turns into Mr. Hyde. Ultimately, selfish Morton makes a choice and ends the Princess but comes with consequences for him.

Tough guy Tom Cruise was spotted back in action on the New Orleans set of the Jack Reacher sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back... and it doesn't look like things are going well for the action hero. "The only gauge that I really use to judge it is having just traveled around the world and hearing the audiences in the theaters". Crowe is well suited for this dual role, with a tinge of madness thrown in and Boutella is an excellent choice, as something about her oozes evilness. "And I give it everything that I possibly can and I never take anything for granted", Cruise said at Tuesday's NY red carpet premiere for The Mummy. "As a template for future films, it's a warning that Dark Universe filmmakers are going to need to think about the stories they're telling as much as the stories they're planning".

He shared: "All I needed to hear was that it was Tom".

"I'm not making movies for them", he said of critics.

"I had to put a parachute pack on me and the pack got stuck". Shouldn't they have been "mummies"? They didn't add much to the plot or the feel of the film and simply seem like a way for the studio to suck more money out of moviegoers.

"It plays, in fact, like a movie directed by a producer, someone checking items off a to-do list rather than telling a story in a consistent tone".

Cruise believes that the move to make the antagonist a woman gives the story a "fresh and modern take" different to all of Universal's previous Mummy films.

It comes as a bit of a shock that the film's screenwriters include heavyweights David Koepp ("Jurassic Park") and Christopher McQuarrie (Oscar victor for "The Usual Suspects"), along with actor Dylan Kussman and three writers given "story" credit: Jon Spaihts ("Doctor Strange"), Jenny Lumet ("Rachel Getting Married"), and the film's director Alex Kurtzman ("Star Trek").