The Mandalorian: Explaining the Empire's Place in the Series

The Mandalorian The Heiress Bo Katan and Friends

Sackoff was the voice of Bo-Katan in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, and so this was a flawless moment, and one that has been teased for quite some time. After a little intra-Mandalorian squabble about whether or not "The Way" allows you to take off your helmet, Bo-Katan tells our titular hero that she's on this moon to steal weapons from black-market traders and use them to retake Mandalore. This is our Mando's group, while the group of three Mandalorians we see are led by Bo-Katan of the Clan Kryze. In that show, she really allies temporarily with Darth Maul and his Sith allies while she is a part of a Mandalorian separatist group which wishes to renew the world's British heritage, instead of their pacifist posture taken beneath the ruler of her sister, Satine.

Then, we have Koska Reeves (played by WWE star Sasha Banks, who is listed by her real name Mercedes Varnado). All three unmask without question and have a much different tone that the Mandalorians that hide in shadows. They betray each other through their attempted takeover of Mandalore, along with the results are catastrophic. Also, in exchanging a "This is the way" with Bo-Katan, we see that Djarin might be softening on his zealous commitment to the way he was raised.

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to become invested in this show; but once the final episode of season one aired last December of a year ago, I spent all 10 months (not so) patiently waiting for the next season - which thankfully began on October 30 and did not disappoint. Clearly, there is more than one distinct "Way", as some fans would know. Mando and the others manage to fell one last cluster of stormtroopers and make their way into the cockpit, where the captain swallows a "laser cyanide pill" before he can divulge any intel on the Darksaber that Bo-Katan so desperately seeks.

To any passing fan of Star Wars animated television, that Gozanti-class cargo freighter will be incredibly familiar. "I'm loving the action", she said.

The Mandalorian The Heiress Bo Katan and Friends Katee Sackhoff
Image via Lucasfilm

Other Twitter users called Baby Yoda a 'menace, ' an 'a**hole, ' and 'disappointing'.

Although multiple planets have been visited in this series, the story has been more or less a straight line. At some point during the Great Purge, which saw the Empire murder nearly every Mandalorian around, the Darksaber fell into the hands of Moff Gideon. Season 4: Episodes 1, 2 This is it.

Assigned to Anakin by none other than the real Master Yoda, Ahsoka starts "The Clone Wars" series as an nearly obnoxious teenage student. Thus, we can imagine that Gideon also values the Old Way and will not measure efforts by tradition. There, he will find a Jedi named Ahsoka Tano (to very presumably be played by Rosario Dawson).

Ahsoka appearing on The Mandalorian is likely the most rumored rumor to ever rumor, and though Lucasfilm never confirmed it, Bo-Katan goes ahead and confirms it for them in this episode. It is one that could have fallen under its ambition and hype, but director Bryce Dallas Howard makes another noteworthy episode in the series as she ties a few pieces of Star Wars lore together in exciting fashion with some pretty great action pieces. What I do like about her is that she doesn't take any nonsense or pause from the fight. He's trying to rendezvous with "the fleet", so we know this crew of Gideon's is at least several ships strong.