The latest on Covid-19 and India's worsening crisis

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press conference in Ottawa Friday

The bloc has authorized the export of 148 million doses between the end of January and April 27, according to the memo seen by Bloomberg, 12 million more than an update distributed to delegations in Brussels last week.

Canada confirmed Friday that future deliveries of the Pfizer vaccine will come from the United States, instead of Europe, signaling that the company may now be manufacturing a sufficient supply of its vaccine for the US. There are no forecasted deliveries of AstraZeneca.

Britain's medicine regulator on Thursday said there had been a further 41 reports of rare blood clots after doses of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, but that the benefits of the shot continued to outweigh the risks for the majority of people.

Fraser Health's drop-in vaccine program saw people stuck waiting outside a handful of clinics for hours in the hopes of receiving a dose, sometimes unsuccessfully. "We won't reach the finish line until everyone who is eligible gets a shot".

To a question, when the vaccination for people above 18 years may start, Sudhakar said he would not be able to give the exact dates.

"We will definitely intimate after we receive the confirmation from the Serum Institute", said Dr K Sudhakar. "The good news is that thousands of people got doses of vaccine".

"When we looked at the early was a moment of joy, and the re-analysis of a greater number of patients is very reassuring, it does show the biology of the vaccine working in this high-risk group".

Henry said part of the goal of the clinics was to get vaccine to people who haven't yet registered with the government for their turn.

As per our calculations, it will cost India around Rs 46,600 crore under scenario 1 (the entire adult population gets jabs from government hospitals) and Rs 54,900 crore under scenario 2 (20% of 18-44 age group opts for vaccination in private hospitals / company establishments).

He asked people who have enrolled themselves on the Cowin portal for inoculation to refrain from going to vaccination centres on May 1.

The announcements by the large chains notwithstanding, many private vaccination centres are not expected to receive doses of the vaccine from Saturday - many have, in fact, received communication from manufacturers that orders will be delayed for months.

The Minister said ever since the vaccination drive started in the state, the wastage is merely 1.4 per cent, which is the least compared to other states where the wastage is about eight to nine per cent.