The Impact of Cloud Technologies on the World



Over the years, many great technologies got developed and each of them had a smaller or bigger impact on the world. From science discoveries through technology, to building better consumer devices that help us on a daily basis, the evolution of tech has impacted everybody in one way or another.


Currently, even if not extremely popular, cloud technologies are starting to shape the way we interact with our devices and help us have more comfortable and productive lives.


We are trying to highlight some of the cloud technologies that can have the most impact on our world, and how they can revolutionize certain industries.


Cloud Storage


Cloud Storage is one of the most popular cloud technologies in the world since it’s been here for a longer period. Most regular users might be utilizing cloud storage without even knowing it since most big phone manufacturers include a cloud storage app with free storage space by default.


The reason why cloud storage has become so popular is because this technology allows people to have more comfortable lives. And, any technology that either makes things faster, better or cheaper will end up getting adopted by the masses.


Cloud Storage goes beyond just storing files outside of your computer since it has a lot more useful features. The easy sharing and access from any device to the files stored in the cloud is one of the most useful features since it allows people to save up a lot of time.


Moreover, regular and automatic cloud backups have made not only the lives of website owners and business people easier but, the lives of regular users as well. Most cloud storage services come with the functionality of backing up all of your data automatically and regularly right in the cloud, making sure everything is secured.


Cloud Gaming


Cloud Gaming is one of those technologies that many brilliant minds have tried conquering before but none of them managed to release a great product yet.


In theory, cloud gaming can allow people to have access to powerful games with high graphics and resolutions, without any quality loss or lag while using any device. Such a platform could give any internet user the opportunity to become a gamer, without having to own a gaming computer or console. 


Even if we have a couple of working products on the market at the moment, compared to the capabilities of gaming computers, the current cloud gaming platforms are mere concepts.


However, considering the promises of big companies such as Google and even Apple, we might have an ideal cloud gaming platform available by the end of 2019. Google is aiming to accomplish through its Stadia platform the perfect gaming setup, allowing people to access the latest games from any device that has their Google Chrome Browser installed.


Stadia is most likely going to be a subscription-based service, giving you unlimited access to hundreds of great games each and every month. Even if they are mostly focusing on making high-specification gaming available to the masses, we are still hoping that Stadia will include a wider range of games.


Ideally, people would be able to release their own games for the cloud platform too, giving gamers more options. A category that would be nice to have on Stadia would be casino games since entertainment gambling is very popular amongst the people.


Considering that Virtual Reality and virtual casinos are becoming even more popular, having access to powerful casino games, and slots like the ones found on Gametwist would be a nice feature to have.


The casino games are currently available to the masses since they are built in a simpler manner. As technology evolves, we will start seeing more and more complex online casinos getting developed, having a powerful computer or cloud gaming subscription being a must to access them.




Even if cloud technologies have been around for a while, the following period is going to be the most significant one for these services considering what’s promised for 2019 and beyond.


Having the possibility of accessing your files, and accessing powerful games through the cloud, without the need for any extra hardware can be game-changing. The two cloud technologies mentioned above have impacted and will greatly impact the world in the years to come.