The future is here: New Balance introduces 3D-printed running shoe

New Balance Preps Running Shoe With 3D-Printed Midsole

These running shoes' midsoles consist of "elastomeric powder" as well as DuraForm Flex TPU.

New Balance is making major strides in footwear constructing technology with the launch of a limited-edition high performance running shoe with a 3D printed midsole. The printed midsole is more than an ounce heavier than the midsole in New Balance's Fresh Foam Zante model, which is what the printed shoe is based on.

]New Balance has already tested out its 3-D printing technology in a few of the biggest competitions in the world.

New Balance says the new midsoles will leverage the benefits of 3D printing and breakthroughs in materials science "to achieve an optimal balance of flexibility, strength, weight and durability". "And that's what's really attractive about SLS printing", said Katherine Petrecca, general manager for studio innovation at New Balance.

New Balance Will Be Joining The 3-D Sneaker Game 2

Another look at the New Balance 3D printed midsole running shoe.

Detailing the technology, New Balance says it utilized selective cross-sections that were laid down one layer at a time using a laser. \

Though no prices have been released, New Balance has said that the market price for their 3D printed shoe will be somewhat higher than their regular range. "These are the types of collaborations that will drive footwear design and manufacturing in the future", the statement continued. The company in 2013 became the first athletic brand to have a track athlete, middle distance runner Jack Bolas, compete in 3D-printed spike plates. Last year, Kim Conley won the 10,000-meter run at the US championships in a pair of custom-printed spikes.

For everyday runners, the use of 3D printing is expected to raise the levels of shoe customization given runner's specific gait and stride patterns. The shoe will be made available for purchase in April, at first only in New Balance's hometown of Boston, and then later at select worldwide locations.