The first image of Jared Leto revealed as Morbius, the Marvel vampire


In the first trailer for Marvel's "Morbius", Jared Leto sheds his "Joker" persona as he transforms into the vampiresque super villain.

Taking place after the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home in which the Wall-crawler's secret identity was revealed to the public, an interesting element of this recent development is that the events of the greater MCU will directly affect Sony's Spider-Verse of movies, but the events of Sony's Spider-Verse won't directly affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What do you think about the Morbius trailer? Exactly two minutes and four seconds into the trailer, you'll get a glimpse of the friendly neighbourhood super-hero in a pose which may look distinctly familiar.

The photo was posted on Twitter, initially by a known insider of the entertainment industry. Under the notes of Für Elise, the trailer shows the struggling life of Michael Morbius, who is affected by a rare blood disease.

Wild as it is to believe, Sony really meant what it said when the studio announced its plans to move forward with a movie about Morbius, Marvel Comics' most famous vampire who isn't Blade.

The first Venom was a big success with the sequel underway, directed by Andy Serkis and also starring Woody Harrelson as Carnage. (If you haven't seen it, we won't spoil why.) So, again, there's way more Spidey stuff in this Morbius than we might have expected - particularly since Venom had basically no direct references to Peter Parker or Spider-Man. Michael Keaton is seemingly returning to his Spider-Man: Homecoming role as the Vulture, but it isn't clear how much he'll appear throughout Morbius.

There is also a rumor that Tom Holland may appear, which leads to.

Yup, that's Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming, greeting Michael Morbius like an old pal.

The best guess that I can come up with why the PS4 art is used is that the graffiti artist is a fan of the video game in the Morbius universe and chose to use the skin as the basis for his/her art, which was then spray painted over by someone else with "Murderer".

Sony has been having a successful run with their portion of Spider-Man adaptations.

So if "Morbius" is going to be a part of the MCU, everyone is still playing coy about it.