The Daily Show's Trevor Noah doesn't understand why Ben Carson insists he stabbed someone

Ben Carson

Ben Carson got an opportunity early on at the FBN Republican debate to rail against the media for scrutinizing his background.

A few people are now questioning if Carson is trustworthy.

Carson, a Seventh-day Adventist who frequently discusses his faith on the campaign trail, has suggested he would adopt "tithing" across the board, referring to the Biblical system in which one-tenth of a person's income was given to the church. "And then, putting that out there - as truth", Carson said.

Ben Carson appears to be having a rough go with the media as of late, as it seems there have been several questions to the validity of his "I once tried to stab someone when I was 14 years old" story.

"We have to start treating people the same and finding out what people really think and what they're made of", he said. Trump said in Springfield. "If the people like who that is, that's great but I'm not going to become someone else".

After the previous GOP debate, hosted by CNBC, was widely panned by the candidates and media critics, Fox Business Network will be under additional pressure to keep Tuesday night's forum on topic and to maintain control of its pace. And none of the other candidates raised questions about Carson's varying accounts of episodes in his youth. "My guess is no. You want someone who is at least on something of a semblance of this job because you know that it's going to be a tough one and we don't elect a president because of what he promises or what speeches he makes".

While Ben Carson may have had the temperament to be a terrific neurosurgeon, we would argue what he has shown in the past couple of weeks in having to respond to direct questions about his own public statements graphically reveal that he has the wrong temperament to lead our country and be president.

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