Tesla to Unveil Electric Pickup 'Cybertruck' on November 21: Musk

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Musk originally planned to reveal the truck earlier this year, but he announced in September that he has extented the launch event to November.

Musk has previously said the Tesla pickup truck looks like something from Blade Runner, and tweeted this week to say its launch in Los Angeles in November 2019 (the location and time of the movie) was "strangely familiar".

Teslarati's story had the title, "Tesla's "Cyberpunk" Pickup Truck pitched for potential military use".

Tesla will reveal its sixth new vehicle, an as-yet unnamed pickup truck, before the end of the month.

Musk has also unveiled the name of the truck, as Cybertruck.

In terms of design, Tesla has been more speculative, with suggestions the final result could be polarising and "closer to an armoured personnel carrier of the future".

In the past, Musk has revealed a handful of specs about the cybertruck including its starting price of about $50,000, distance range up to 500 miles, and a dual motor all-wheel drive with "crazy torque & a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load".

The Tesla CEO followed up that tweet, pasted below, by adding that the Cybertruck will look like something out of Blade Runner. The Tesla "Blade Runner" pickup truck is now promised by the company under $50, 000, in which the pickup truck will be a six-seater, can two up to 300,000 pounds of weight, and can drive between 400 to 500 miles range easily.

The portal wrote a story saying Musk pitched the "Tesla electric pickup truck to the USA military".

We now know precisely when and where the highly anticipated Tesla pickup will make its global debut.

It will be very interesting to see which product gets the most attention by the end of that week: Tesla's pickup or Ford's Mustang-inspired electric SUV.

In June 2018, he said the pickup truck "will have power outlets allowing use of heavy-duty 240V, high-power tools in field all day".