Tesla recalling all Model S sedans for seat belt issue

Tesla recalling all Model S vehicles due to faulty seat belt

In an email to customers, Tesla said it was ordering the recall as a "proactive" step after learning of a Model S in Europe with a front seatbelt "that was not properly connected to the outboard lap pretension". However, Tesla assures its customers that the problem seems to have affected only Model S and not others like Model X SUV and Roadster.

Tesla Motors Inc. has also promised to inspect the bolt that kept the seat belt attached to the seat.

The all-electric Model S has been a huge success for Tesla since it first went on sale in 2012 going head-to-head with executive sector stalwarts like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class.

Model 3, whose price is estimated at US$35,000 - half the cost of other Teslas - is seen as key to expansion for the carmaker, which has a loyal following among well-heeled buyers. The outboard belt pretension is the main issue, as its anchor plates were not properly bolted together, according to CNET. However, there have been no critical issues or any accidents that have been the consequences of this faulty assembly, Tesla made a decision to call each of the owners of this auto to the Tesla service centers and have a critical examination of its seatbelt. Tesla may send mobile teams to customers who are far from a service center.

Nevertheless, Tesla is encouraging all Model S owners to bring their cars in to local dealerships to have them inspected.

There has been only one confirmed incident of the problem, not usually enough to trigger a full recall, but Tesla wants to be seen as taking the lead in protecting its customers.

Tesla stressed that the recall was voluntary and not requested by federal regulators.

Tesla said the recall wasn't expected to have a material impact on its earnings. Meantime, Tesla shares slipped 1.9% to $ 217.59 at the close of business on Friday at the NYSE.