Tesla applies to become United Kingdom electricity provider

Tesla Roadster Muscle-E Electric Car Battery

Tesla has applied to the British energy market governing body for a licence to generate electricity in the UK. The report didn't make clear why Tesla has applied for the license, The Telegraph reported.

While Tesla is famous for its revolutionary electric cars, the company's energy business is growing stronger.

In 2017, the carmaker constructed world's largest lithium ion battery to assist hold the lights on in South Australia. It now has an Autobidder platform, allowing automated energy trading by smaller firms making money from distributed batteries and real-time trading.

Tesla did not disclose why it is applying for such a license, though an industry insider cited by The Telegraph has stated that the company may be planning on introducing its Autobidder platform in the UK.

Tesla developed various software to control energy assets.

Tesla Big Battery in Australia is known by this name because Tesla Powerpacks are used.

Most people are familiar with Tesla as a company right now. However, HPR is owned by a French renewable energy company. It also allows Tesla's Hornsdale battery installation technology to help add competition and the market, lessening the energy prices. "Autobidder can be trusted to capture revenues immediately after project energization", Tesla wrote on the product page.

The company might deploy a vehicle-grid tech on a larger scale as one of its interests. It recently teamed with Octopus energy in the United Kingdom to offer cheaper electricity tariffs to Telsa owners who also have solar panels, a Powerwall or both.

"Your solar system, Powerwall, and EV charging are connected to Tesla's energy management platform", stated Tesla on the report.