Ted Cruz Boxes in Marco Rubio on Immigration

Mark Wilson  Getty Images

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is vowing to suspend a program that gives work visas to highly skilled immigrants, reversing his position on the program as part of an aggressive immigration plan created to appeal to the GOP's most conservative wing. It's unclear from the context whether "every amendment" means every border security amendment proposed by Cruz and Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), or every amendment ever proposed.

Meanwhile, a leading Republican presidential candidate has criticised Disney for its recent efforts to replace American workers by those on H-1B visa.

Rubio was referring to Cruz's vote in June for the USA Freedom Act, which imposed reforms on a few of the government's mass surveillance programs. Sen.

Rubio has spent years trying to atone for the sin of believing his party was honest about immigration.

"In the Gang of eight fight, Marco chose to stand with Chuck Schumer and to lead the fight tooth-and-nail for a massive amnesty plan", Cruz said. The two 44-year old senators of Cuban descent are battling it out on immigration. Native-born Americans rarely want to make a career out of cleaning hotel rooms or picking fruit, but these jobs need to be done, and low-skill immigrants want to come and do them.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida called out Sen. Disney has even endorsed Rubio's new I-Squared legislation, that will allow them to continue the cheap labor practice, which labor experts have described as, an "indentured servitude program".

Paul's speech in many ways wasn't different than the one he delivered back in Sarasota this past winter, where he bashed Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, and criticized the U.S. State Department for what he says were misplaced priorities.

Cruz sought to end birthright citizenship.

The gas company that services a New Jersey house where an explosion killed one person and critically injured two others this week said no leak was evident when a technician visited the location the day before the blast. He said his administration would ensure that legal immigrants do not receive government benefits, and railed against the idea of admitting "Syrian Muslim refugees" who he said could be terrorists.

When asked by CNBC why he defends this unpopular application of the 14th amendment, Rubio explained that he supports it because U.S.-born foreign children "are people": "Those are human beings and ultimately they are people, we're not just statistics, they're humans with stories", Rubio said.

The Senate passed the bill 68-32 after Rubio spent weeks selling it to skeptical conservatives on radio talk shows.

But he has now tied himself to the beliefs of a candidate who is intent on winning the GOP nomination on self-deportation - and exposed the truth behind the Marco-is-moderate myth. Rubio's whole argument for his campaign is that he represents an alternative to the dogmatism that has left the GOP brand as tarnished as it's been since Watergate.