Taylor Swift Shares Re-Recorded Snippet Of "Love Story"


However, this might be a very different version than you remember.

Taylor Swift has recently re-recorded her popular song Love Story for an ad by Ryan Reynolds.

The Grammy award-winning singer said she is "working hard" to get the music to her fans soon.

To be honest, the re-recording of "Love Story" sounds more or less the same as the OG version.

The amusing commercial, featuring the devil falling in love with a girl called 2020, was written by Swift's pal Ryan Reynolds, who debuted the clip on social media. Although Swift has been offered to re-obtain these master rights, she declined to do so as the deals would still benefit Braun. He meets up with the woman who is "the year 2020".

Taylor Swift has been a busy bee of late.

The hilarious ad features Satan and 2020 meeting up for a date and discovering they're the ideal "match made in hell".

Another fan speculated that the rumoured engagement is the reason she released the snippet of 'Love Story'.

Fans are fueling the flames that Taylor Swift could indeed be engaged to Joe Alwyn.

Love Story, from her classic 2008 second album Fearless, was Swift's debut United Kingdom hit, reaching No.2 in 2009.

What are your reactions to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" re-recording? Swift has been vocal against the music manager having such control over her past music ever since her former label Big Machine sold her masters to Braun.

Do you think that Taylor is engaged?