Taliban repeat criticism of United States military


Noting the official announcement of U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan, the statement said, "We reiterate that the withdrawal of foreign troops should ensure a steady transition of the situation in Afghanistan".

President Joe Biden set 1 May as the official start of the withdrawal of the remaining forces - up to 3,500 United States troops and about 7,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation soldiers. Even before Saturday, the herculean task of packing up had begun. In recent weeks, the military has been flying out equipment on massive C-17 cargo planes. "We stress that, during the withdrawal period, the peace process should not be disrupted, no fights or turbulence shall occur in Afghanistan, and the safety of worldwide troops should be ensured,".

Biden also omitted that, had he not intervened, America's military presence in that country would have ended on that date.

"I said, among with others, we would follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell, if need be", he said. He was located and killed in 2011 by U.S. Navy SEALS in neighboring Pakistan. Since then, al-Qaida has been degraded, while the terrorist threat has "metastasized" into a global phenomenon that is not contained by keeping thousands of troops in one country, he said.

In a video posted to Twitter by a spokesman for US Forces in Afghanistan following Saturday's incident in Kandahar, General Miller said it would be a mistake to move towards attacking foreign troops. Germany has the second-largest military contingent with about 1,100 troops. Violence has spiked in Afghanistan since the February 2020 deal was signed.

Bergen pointed to another part of al Qaeda's response highlighting continuing ties with the Taliban, in which it said: "At the same time TTP [Pakistani Taliban] and AQ have relations of Islamic brotherhood which was and still intact and same is the case with the Afghan Taliban". On Friday, a truck bomb in eastern Logar province killed 21 people, many of them police and students.

More than 3,000 Afghan civilians were killed and nearly 5,800 were wounded in 2020, according to a United Nation report.

Representatives of extended "Troika" US, Russia, China, and Pakistan met on Friday to discuss the Afghan peace process, intra-Afghan talks, and support the warring parties reach a political settlement, permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.

Biden's prolonging of the Afghan war will also reportedly require the deployment of additional troops between May and September, according to CNN and Afghan news outlets.

Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the killing of Bin Laden by USA special forces after he was tracked down to a house in the Pakistan city of Abbottabad. Some 300,000 Afghan troops are on the books, although the actual number is believed to be lower.

The war in Afghanistan - as we remember the debates here - were [sic] never meant to be multigenerational undertakings of nation-building. Last year was the only year United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops did not suffer a loss.

About 2,450 USA soldiers have been killed and over 20,700 others have been injured in the war in Afghanistan. It is estimated that over 3,800 United States private security contractors have been killed, but the Pentagon does not track their deaths. The Pentagon does not track their deaths.

"The Taliban know as well that this country, which has been suffering so much in the wars of the past decades, is massively dependent on worldwide aid financially", Maas said. The Taliban, meanwhile, are at their strongest since being ousted in 2001.

On the eve of the beginning of the withdrawal Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the Associated Press: "We are telling the departing Americans. you fought a meaningless war and paid a cost for that and we also offered huge sacrifices for our liberation". In announcing the departure, Biden said waiting for ideal conditions to leave would consign America to an indefinite stay. After billions of dollars and decades of war, many Afghans wonder at whether it was worth it.