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Swarms Of Locusts Blanket Cities In India Because 2020

Locust attack in Gururgram Sky turns dark locusts settle on high-rise buildings trees rooftops

It added that staff will be deployed to help guide residents and villagers on how to disperse the locusts -perhaps through setting off fire crackers, "making high decibel sound through beating of drum [or] utensil, playing high volume music on music system", the advisory wrote.

The administration of Noida in Uttar Pradesh, which neighbours Delhi, has issued a similar advisory.

After weeks, crop-destroying locusts are back in North India, this time to launch an attack on Gurugram, Haryana, just next to Delhi.

Multiple videos shot by residents of Gurugram city and villages in the district as well as Delhi's Chatrapur on Saturday morning show massive clusters of locusts flying in. The minister also directed the administration to be alert, an official said.

Meanwhile, Environment Minister Gopal Rai called an emergency meeting in Delhi to discuss the steps in order to tackle the situation.

"This is a small swarm that has come to Delhi, but we are monitoring the situation". Currently, Delhi airport is operational and all flight movements are as per schedule, an airport official said. Deoria District Magistrate Amit Kishor said a swarm spotted in the district has moved to Kushinagar. They are also using drones to spray pesticides in two districts in Rajasthan. "Personal Protection Equipment kits may be used while spraying for safety".

The skies over many parts of Gurugram turned dark on Saturday as swarms of locusts descended on the town, but the migratory pests are likely to spare the national capital for now, officials said.

While one user hilariously questioned, "Are Locust tasty when cooked?" "The locust swarm has reached Gurugram and there is a possibility of them coming towards Faridabad as well", Deputy Commissioner Yashpal Yadav said.

He said locust swarms from Pakistan entered Haryana through Rajasthan and caused damage to millet, cotton and other crops in Mahendragarh, Rewari, Gurgaon, Mewat, Jhajjar and Faridabad districts. "We immediately closed the windows and doors, and the society administration started bellowing hooters installed on buildings to drive away the insects", said Rita Sharma, a resident of Beverly Park 2 at MG Road in Gurugram.

Haryana Congress president Kumari Selja said the locust attack was the result of the government's casual and laid-back approach.