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Swarm of Bees Shuts Down Manhattan Street

Swarm of Bees Shuts Down Manhattan Street

The bee puns kept flying in from the NYPD, with the Time Square precinct emphasizing that this wasn't the first time that a bee swarm invaded the area.

It was a case of hold the honey, double the mustard in New York's famous Times Square at lunchtime.

The horde gathered on top of the yellow and blue umbrella at the corner of Broadway and West 43rd Street.

NY police commissioner James O'Neill sought to calm everyone down amid the news by deploying some puns.

Wearing netting across his face, the NYPD's "Bee Guy" climbed on a ladder and vacuumed the bees in a matter of minutes.

"We try to get as many as we can", Lauriano said.

Lauriano couldn't immediately say where the massive group of bees would be taken, but noted that officials will find them a hive. 'We like to keep the families together'. He began vacuuming up all the bees as a crowd of people looked on.

They said: 'Bee-lieve it or not another swarm of (bees) has made its way to #TimesSquare!

The bee takeover happened just after 1 PM today (August 28th) where the NYPD was forced to call on a beekeeper to properly avert the crisis using a vacuum.

"I wish I had a phone right now - this is too cool", Beech said.

You tend to think of bees as loving flowers, but apparently they're also into a good hotdog.