Stranger Things' Season 4 Premiere Title Is A Big X-Men Reference

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Even the U.S. women's national soccer team replied, "Just let us know when our call-time is you guys", to which the Netflix show account answered "the door is open three inches for y'all at all times. our club would definitely use a few champions!" The episode is titled "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club".

First of all, The Hellfire Club as mentioned in the history books (and Wikipedia) refers to several exclusive clubs that were established by upper class citizens in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. "Such clubs were rumored to be the meeting places of "persons of quality" who wished to take part in socially perceived immoral acts, and the members were often involved in politics". These clubs don't sound much different from the shady dealings of millionaires today.

In typical Fortnite fashion, bringing back the Stranger Things outfits wasn't even the first thing Epic Games had announced on the day. In the comics, they are a secret society that is at odds with the X-Men.

Their secretive Inner Circle aims to influence world events to fit their agenda.

It's also the issue when Jean Grey fully embraces the Phoenix and becomes the Dark Phoenix, betraying her fellow X-Men, basically. That would be quite an Earth-shattering development. At one level after flubbing the road but once more, Harbour says that Stranger Issues three is "such a insane season", and after he breaks for the millionth time, Brown giggles, "What is wrong with you?!"

The Hellfire Club will mean something to Marvel fans in particular. We know that the Byers family are moving away from Hawkins - could the kids be forming a new club in a new city?