Stranded cricket star slams Australia over India travel ban

Cricket Australia donates for Unicef’s Covid-19 relief in India Cummins allocates his funds to

Numerous countries, including the U.S., have restricted travel from India as the country's COVID crisis deepens, but Australia has gone a step further.

"I had government permission to work on the IPL but I now have government neglect". While the nation has come close to eliminating local transmission of the virus by closing its worldwide border to non-residents - other than a new travel bubble with New Zealand - occasional cases leak into the community from quarantine hotels, triggering localized lockdowns.

"I understand the measures have strong sanctions", he said.

India is facing a growing crisis with coronavirus cases skyrocketing and hospitals struggling to cope.

Anyone who has been in India within 14 days of their intended arrival date in Australia will be banned from entering the country.

The ban expires on May 15, but could be renewed.

The 1996 Census reported 77,551 India-born people in the country - by the latest survey in 2016, that had grown to 455,385 people.

Three Australian players left the IPL before the travel ban came into force.

'I hate people playing the race card. As if they were phony Australians.

However a much lower proportion of people returning to Australia from those countries were found to be carrying the virus.

In consultation with the Indian Government, Australia will be providing emergency medical supplies. "Every Australian citizenship is equal and to turn citizenship into a political football or to take action in any way that dilutes the meaning of citizenship, is grossly irresponsible", he added. They had to renounce their Indian citizenship to become Australians.

"If there is zero chance of these penalties being imposed, is the only reason you announced it to get a tough headline that has now blown up in your face", she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Earlier, the Prime Minister rejected claims that his Indian flight ban was racist, warning he's making the "hard calls" that have helped save 30,000 Australian lives.

Rupali Jetiley, who has family in Mumbai, has endorsed Scott Morrison's controversial policy despite many commentators questioning why no such ban was placed on the United States or European nations when they had much higher death rates.

However, chief medical officer Paul Kelly told Sky News this morning the jail threat was not ordered by him.

Commentator and former Test cricket star Michael Slater was among those who pilloried Mr Morrison's decision, saying it was a "disgrace".

"What I'd really like to see though is the government just being serious about taking its responsibilities, to deal with a national quarantine arrangement [inaudible], to look at appropriate repatriation arrangements and to stop blaming individuals and to take responsibility", he said. I feel disowned by my own government.

Speaking with Today, Mr Morrison said his priority was keeping Australia safe and preventing a third outbreak of coronavirus.

Critics have said the government is stripping Australian citizens of their right to enter their own country, and exposing them to danger by forcing them to stay put.