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Story about Biden Jr.'s business in Ukraine not Russia's concern - Putin

Trump Leaks Alleged Hunter Biden 'Meth S*x' Tape Last Ditch Attempt

Bobulinski has also provided the documents to a Senate committee investigating Hunter Biden's business dealings overseas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he is not aware of any criminal business interests in Ukraine attributed to the son of the USA presidential candidate Joe Biden by the press, but this is none of Russia's business anyway.

MTO News has verified that numerous videos and graphics supposedly showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual acts with a female and using medication were uploaded onto a Chinese electronic video stage Saturday evening.

A new audio recording obtained by the National Pulse reveals that Hunter Biden had businesses involvement with a man he claimed to be the "spy chief of China", and his frustration with both he and his father being named as witnesses in a criminal case.

Analysts say Putin's behaviour looks like he is hedging his bets on who wins the USA election. It doesn't concern us. "It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians", Putin said according to Reuters.

The head of the Kremlin drew attention to the existence in Ukraine of at least one company working in the oil and gas industry, which Hunter Biden "actually headed and, apparently, made good money".

Biden added that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been doing his utmost to spread disinformation about him, DW reported.

Putin also addressed comments Trump made about Putin's ties to the former mayor of Moscow, as well as an alleged payment made to Hunter by the ex-mayor's widow.

Included in a 42-page investment proposal sent from Hunter Biden's group, EEIG, to the Chinese firm, CEFC China Energy, is a picture of Joe Biden shaking Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' hand with a blurb about the United States' newfound "pragmatic" relationship with Colombia under the Obama administration.

Russian Federation has also dismissed accusations by USA intelligence agencies of trying to interfere with this year's election.