Stolen teddy bear with late mother’s voice returned to Vancouver woman


Now, Soriano, 28, is pleading with whomever stole the bear to give it back, no questions asked.

VANCOUVER-Mara Soriano has spent the last four days checking the alleys and dumpsters of Vancouver's West End, putting up posters and answering multitudes of emails and tweets, hoping she'd find a stolen teddy bear that carries her late mother's voice.

Her Twitter appeal gained support from celebrities including actor Ryan Reynolds who offered a $5,000 (£3,881) reward for the bear's return. TV host George Stroumboulopoulos, another Canadian, said he would match the amount.

"My mom passed away from cancer last year and we've been dealing with her cancer for 10 years now and it came back with a vengeance a couple of years ago in 2018", Soriano explained, adding the bear was something she could take with her wherever she went.

"I know it won't be the same bear that my mom made with her own hands, but now it'll remind me of her AND the time the world came together for us for a few days", she said on Twitter.

The backpack was snatched last Friday as Soriano was moving.

Soriano has special plans for the teddy bear.

Soriano said she was told "there's a good chance they can recreate the outfit" the bear was wearing, which included a white jacket and a red dress with a fruit print. She said the men don't want to be identified publicly, and she isn't concerned with an explanation.

And while the recording she made earlier this year was a bit muffled, Soriano said a kind stranger has already cleaned it up for her.

"They liberated her", Soriano said of the bear. The custom-made bear, a Christmas present, had inside the only recorded message she had of her mom.

"At hospice, her voice was different".

"It was much softer".

The bear was kept in a bag and the Good Samaritans told her it hadn't been handled, she said.

"She said that she loved me and she was proud of me and that she'll always be with me".

"Vancouver is awesome", he tweeted.

"The bear has a message in it in Filipino".

It says, "I love you".