Still plenty to play for with Windows 10

N64 emulator

Last year, Microsoft launched its latest operating system to much fanfare with an unprecedented offer - users with computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 were offered a free upgrade to Windows 10, valid for a period of one year.

Windows 10 build 14393.5 seems to be the final version of the Anniversary Update that will ship to retail users next week, as Microsoft has just released this particular build to all insiders, including those in the slow and the Release Preview rings.

If you are not a fan of Cortana, you may be disappointed to hear that the Windows 10 Anniversary update which will be rolling out next week on August 2nd 2016, will remove the ability to turn off Cortana. There will be updates to Windows features and apps such as Cortana and Microsoft Edge, and the new Windows Ink Workspace with Sketchpad, Sticky Notes, and Screen Sketch all geared towards stylus input.

According to Microsoft, the looming deadline for Windows 10 offer has shown up to 350 million users exclusively upgrading to the OS, last month. Three Florida residents recently filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, hoping to gain class action status and punish the company for its upgrade methods, report Geek Wire.

Windows 10 doesn't have Media Center anymore, and it won't natively play DVDs unless you pay an extra $15.but that's what my PlayStation is for. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't find a ideal solution for all the limitations of pen input in Windows 10.

It's free: The biggest reason for upgrading to Windows 10 is that, for better or worse, it's inevitable. If your computer's hardware is below the minimum recommendations, you should consider buying a new one.

Cortana is one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's strategy as the bot transcends the desktop to appear on Xbox, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and, indeed, anywhere that Microsoft can put it. Whatever you've heard, whatever you think of Windows 10, you need to upgrade today if you plan on upgrading at all. Some users with other licences might like to see this trend follow suit across future Windows 10 updates. In addition, changes are being made to the app launcher so that it functions more like the Start Page in Windows 8.1 did. While millions of people have upgraded to Windows 10, many more millions do not intend to do that.