Stephen Colbert Gets Inspired by Jim Gaffigan on the Late Show


"Just because you got the dog collar on doesn't mean you know more about the Catholic Church than I do", Mr. Colbert said recently to Canada's Father Tom Rosica.

New York City welcomed Pope Francis on Thursday with cheering crowds and anything you could possibly want to buy with the Holy face on it. "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" was well prepared for the Papal visit to the city, which Colbert said was occurring at the time of the show's taping.

My vote, for now, would go to "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert", because it's consistently wonderful.

What's not amusing, according to Mr. Colbert, is being flippant about God. "And you gotta have the Lady Pope hat" Colbert said pulling out a pink ball cap.

Participants hold up signs during a rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the United Nations in support of the UN Global Poverty Goals Thursday Sept. 24 2015 in New York

Colbert said in his message to the pope that the two can drink Mike's Hard [Lemonades] while watching "Bachelor in Paradise". "In flippancy, no joke is actually made". Colbert quipped once he was back at his desk after the surprise jam was over.

That's a new way, for me at least, to look at the objective of comedy.

As popular as he is, apparently Pope Francis doesn't have a lot of friends. The Colbert approach represents the believer who sees past structure and rules that people have created, and one who focuses on the source that started the Church. "Every morning, I take the tasks I need to do that day, and I write them down on a piece of paper".

"For years I played an over-the-top conservative character - not as long as you did", Colbert quipped. Speaking in front of a backdrop of gentle ocean waves and wispy clouds, Gaffigan gave millions of viewers of the Late Show useful advice to live by. Colbert said with a curious smirk.