Stella McCartney honours mum with post-mastectomy bra

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Dubbed the Louise Listening bra after Linda's midsection name, the blush-and-white beading intimate apparel is basically a tender, female, and yet still useful substitute for the standard sensible post-surgery clothing. The light rose cotton bra features feminine details, which are usually ignored in today's mastectomy bras for the sake of practicality.

Stella McCartney is celebrating her mom, Linda McCartney, in the most wonderful way. British supermodel Cara Delevingne fronts the philanthropic campaign, appearing in the first ad wearing a flattering contour plunge bra in a deep fuchsia hue.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney and super model Cara Deleveingne paired up in a campaign to promote a new lingerie line to increase awareness of and support breast cancer victims.

"We wanted to bring something feminine and lovely into a bra that is taboo", McCartney said in a statement. Most mastectomy bras are designed with pockets inside to fit breast prosthetics, but McCartney's version is much like a regular bra, made to empower survivors to feel lovely and stylish in their own skin.

Stella McCartney's Listening Louise bra for post-mastectomy patients
Stella McCartney's Listening Louise bra for post-mastectomy patients

Above all, McCartney wants the design to be an empowering piece of clothing for any women who uses it. "We just wanted to make something that allows women undergoing this to have something to be proud of, something with no shame attached", she explained. The designer strived to create a bra that would let women know that it is still possible to "be feminine, have your sensuality, have all of the things that are attached to being a woman and that part of your body can still feel attractive on the outside, as well as the inside", Stella commented in her company's press release about the specially designed bra.

McCartney is using the lingerie launch as a platform to raise awareness and funds by donating proceeds to the Hello handsome Foundation, an organization committed to building a center in London for breast cancer patients and their families. "Cancer and mastectomy cannot destroy you, they cannot win", McCartney told Vogue.

In recent years, there has been a gradual reduction in female breast cancer among women aged 50 and older.