State reports 1st child flu death

Mother checking sick son's temperature

According to the Erie County Department of Health a child died from the flu on Saturday.

"In addition to getting vaccinated, other things we can do to protect ourselves from the flu include proper hand hygiene and wiping down frequently touched hard surfaces like TV remotes, phones, toys, door knobs, light switches toilet handles, with disinfectant wipes", Richards said. It also affects younger people more than the elderly.

Doctors say this flu season could be one of the worst in decades.

"We had an early season where Influenza-B came around and now we're starting to shift over to Influenza-A which has a lot more symptoms than B", Winton says, a trend he points out is being seen across the country.

This notification comes after Ziauddin Hospital Karachi reported three cases of H1N1 to the Sindh health department, a government official said on Friday.

Across the state, flu cases are up sharply when compared to the same time period in recent years.

The health department reported 22 people died through the week of January 4 from influenza-associated illnesses, an increase of 13 over the previous week.

Spear adds if there are any large numbers of students who do end up finding themselves with the flu, they'll usually send out a letter to parents just to let them know how many and what they can do to further help prevent the flu from going around.

"We're certainly seeing plenty of disease associated with it", he said.

Seniors, pregnant women and children under age 2 are considered at high risk for the flu, according to health experts.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a flu shot for everyone 6-months and older.