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State funeral offer for Bourke St victim

Raids have taken place across Melbourne in the wake of the terror incident on Bourke street in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday. Source AAPMore

Hassan Khalif Shire Ali had his passport cancelled in 2015 for trying to travel to join Islamic State and was on a terror watchlist when he stabbed three people on Melbourne's Bourke St.

The Herald Sun has named veteran Melbourne cafe owner Sisto Malaspina as the victim of the brutal stabbing attack after he was reportedly stabbed on Bourke Street.

We would like to thank Dad's friends, customers, and all the wonderful people that have come forward to pay their respects and show their love and support.

Sisto Malaspina was well known and loved around Melbourne.

"To him everyone was special", the statement read. "To us he was just a attractive man, a loving husband and a doting father".

Mr Malaspina's family has today accepted an offer by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews for a State funeral which is expected to be held next week. We are deeply moved by all the flowers, gifts and condolences.

Ideas are being considered for a lasting tribute to Mr Malaspina including renaming the laneway next to Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, which he co-owned.

"As I say, where you have someone who is buying chemicals, importing or purchasing online different items that might go to, as precursors to make up an explosive device, you would expect there to be intelligence around that activity".

Melburnians have openly wept outside the premises, where Mr Malaspina's shattered business partner Nino Pangrazio was comforted over the weekend.

At the shrine, across the river from the scene of the Bourke Street attack, an unobtrusive but increased police presence guarded a crowd of about 4,000.

The Lakeside Joondalup cafe is offering free long blacks throughout Tuesday and has encouraged customers to participate to show their respect.

"It was Sisto's favourite and will be in memory of him", staff said.

"Where you talk about 400-plus people, who we have concerns about, we need to be realistic about the threat and the idea that community leaders would have information but withhold it from the police or intelligence agencies is unacceptable".

"That is why it is important for us to get as much information from the imams, from spouses, from family members, community members, council workers, people that might be interacting with those that might have changed their behaviours, where they think they've been radicalised", he was quoted by AAP as saying. The family worked hard to take him to the doctor to be diagnosed but he said no and wouldn't co-operate.