Star Wars Squadrons EA Play gameplay

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay

Motive says Star Wars: Squadrons will let new players jump in and have fun with little practice, but there's a high skill ceiling to reach, too.

Squadrons is based on the classic star wars dogfighting gameplay and aims to live up to people's memories of the title.

EA has already promised world gameplay premieres of hotly anticipated titles such as Star Wars: Squadrons and Federation Internationale de Football Association 21, but there are likely to be plenty of big surprises as well. How integral the game's story is to the greater canon is unclear, though we do know that Star Wars Battlefront II writer Mitch Dyer and Motive's Joanna Berry are writing the game.

The two modes available online appear to be dogfight and fleet battles. "In the wake of the destruction of the Empire's second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has reformed into the New Republic".

Citing that third-person is a "competitive advantage" that the team didn't want to allot to certain players, there won't be any options to swap to a third-person view outside of spectator mode.

Although the Star Wars: Squadrons appearance at EA Play was one of the high notes, we still didn't get a ton of concrete info out of it beyond a marketing-heavy sizzle reel and a very fluffy "interview" that basically just gushed over how fantastic Star Wars as a whole was. All of these ships have different strengths. All power-ups and cosmetics will be earned through gameplay. It will launch with support for crossplay across all platforms. EA also announced Apex Legends Season 5 with the Lost Treasures Collection Event.

A new multiplayer hero shooter is on the way, called Rocket Arena. Available October 2, 2020 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Origin PC, Steam, Epic Games Store and Virtual Reality (VR) on PlayStation®4 and PC with cross-play support.