Spotify launches Premium Duo - R80/month for two users

Spotify Premium Duo

Well, you won't have to worry about that any longer since Spotify has just announced a brand-new plan just for two people.

Each individual gets their own Premium account under one plan in addition to benefits like access to Duo Mix, a regularly updated playlist made for the two subscribers to discover music together. With this new feature, Spotify will become similar to Prime Music and Apple Music which already offered real-time lyrics in India. The latter works out cheaper, provided there are enough members of the same family with individual subscription plans. "Premium Duo is designed for audio-loving pairs living at the same address".

Enjoying Spotify as a couple and sharing costs has just gotten better-the new Spotify Premium Duo is the answer to this. But rather than stopping there, Spotify is adding some unique features reserved for Duo subscribers.

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If there's more than two Spotify users in your household, you could also sign up for a Spotify Premium for Family account, which allows up to six people to connect to Spotify at one time (if you try to do this with a regular account, you'll get bumped off the service as soon as another user plays a song).

Spotify's Premium Duo video announcement is available to watch below.

Spotify has been making improvements for its users recently. However, the two users must reside at the same address to be eligible for it. And if you want the first month of your new Spotify Duo subscription to be free, you'll need to not have subscribed to Premium before. If you switch over to Duo, you'll retain access to all of your playlists and likes, so there's really no downside. If you choose to upgrade this way, you'll keep your existing account and all of the playlists, likes, and every saved song you've accumulated up to that point. Or you could just ignore it and continue listening to what you like.