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Southfield law firm aims to help cut down on New Year's Eve

The party crowd will be out in full force this year with New Year’s Eve falling on a Saturday night

Good news for those are trying to go out and about on New Year's Eve and don't want to drive.

It's typically the busiest night of the year for the ride-hail company, and Uber predicts that this year, it will hit more than 15 million rides across the 450 cities it operates in. Hooker said his employees have towed five to six people for free on past New Year's Eves.

Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., are among the many US metropolitan areas offering totally free public transportation on New Year's Eve. Uber said that fares will peak between midnight and 3 people head home for the night. Make sure you and your loved ones get home safely!

Metro-North will run on a special schedule New Year's Eve with more trains to NY in the late afternoon and evening. Many of those rides represents someone who planned ahead and chose to have a Metro Transit operator be their designated driver, officials say.

The law firm will reimburse fares for late New Year's Eve and early New Year's Day rides if receipts are submitted by January 6.

This is the first time that free rides have been offered in the transit agency's 50-year history. But sudden price jumps can also irk passengers who feel like they are getting fleeced by the services when they need them most.

The program is called Free Cab Ride Home.

With upfront fares, customers can see the total cost of their ride before they request.