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South Sudan Says It Will Resist Neighbors' Plan to Send Troops


More than 270 people were killed and over 40,000 displaced from their homes when heavy fighting broke out on 8 July between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and those allied to the country's First Vice President Riek Machar in the capital, Juba.

"This is because South Sudan has no national armed forces, no national security agency".

However, the government opposed the plan, with the South Sudanese envoy in London exclusively telling IBTimes UK the country does not want "to be meddled with by foreign troops".

Machar has not been seen in public since he left the capital after days of intense fighting earlier this month between rival troops that left over 300 people dead and threatened to torpedo a shaky 2015 peace deal.

"We judged their temporary removal was necessary for the officers' safety".

"Their well-being was our chief concern", he said.

United Nations peacekeeping spokesman Nick Birnback disputed published reports of an internal memo from the department purportedly quoting United Nations officials as questioning if Britain is worthy of being a veto-power on the Security Council after the country withdrew its police officers. Sweden was recently elected a member of the 15-member council for 2017-18. The five permanents members of the Security Council are charged with maintaining global peace and security and mandate peacekeeping missions.

Britain withdrew two police officers, Germany seven police and Sweden three police, according to the memo. It was written to advise Ban Ki Moon, the secretary-general, and questioned whether the United Kingdom should be dictating global security policy "when they are quick to abandon..." There are about 13,500 peacekeepers in all.

The memo's harsh tone appears to be a reflection of the UN's annoyance that it's ever-growing South Sudan Mission (UNMISS) is accomplishing literally nothing on the ground, as the nation is staring down the barrel of a second civil war in its six year history.

At the UN protection of civilians sites where thousands continue to shelter following the fighting that erupted in Juba almost two weeks ago, the UN Mission (UNMISS) and aprtners are continuing to supply daily water supplies.