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South Korea to resume loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts against Pyonyang


Meanwhile, in Pyongyang, North Koreans were seen "celebrating" the launch as they gathered around TV screens at the capital's rail station.

It was 160 kilometers from ground zero when the USA hydrogen bomb exploded at Bikini Atoll on March 1, 1954.

Bruce Bennett, an analyst with the Rand Corporation, was among those casting doubts on Pyongyang's test: "The bang they should have gotten would have been 10 times greater than what they're claiming". The 2013 sanctions resolution was co-sponsored by China and the United States.

While the Obama administration as had success in curtailing Iran's nuclear ambitions to a degree, it has been unable to make any headway with North Korea.

The North Koreans have signaled for some time the test was a possibility, said Mike Chinoy, with the U.S.-China Institute at the University of Southern California.

North Korea called the device the "H-bomb of justice".

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop overnight spoke with her South Korean counterpart, who is deeply concerned about what the test means for stability in the Korean peninsula.

"The initial analysis is not consistent with the claim the regime has made of a successful hydrogen bomb test", White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.

"They could have tested some middle stage kind (of device) between an A-bomb and H-bomb, but unless they come up with any clear evidence, it is hard to trust their claim".

Hydrogen bombs pack an explosion that can be more powerful than an atomic bomb as it uses a two-step process of fission and fusion that releases substantially more energy.

"In that case, North Korea will only be able to trade internationally by land, with bundles (of goods)", he said during a panel discussion Wednesday.

The development marks a major advance in North Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities.

Obama reaffirmed the "unshakeable US commitment" to the security of South Korea and Japan, according to the statements.

The UNSC is expected to consider strengthening the existing sanctions such as arms embargoes, interdiction of North Korea-related cargo, financial sanctions and sanctions on particular individuals or entities including North Korean enterprises.

The UN Security Council is now working on a new resolution with new punitive measures...Given that previous resolutions failed to prevent a fourth nuclear test by the DPRK, how effective can this new resolution be? "We strongly denounce it".

Jasper Kim with the Center for Conflict Management at Ewha Women's University in Seoul said the test is an attempt to draw attention to North Korea on the worldwide stage.

The council last approved sanctions against North Korea three weeks after Pyongyang's third nuclear test on February 12 2013.

"Any escalation in this region, any over-reaction can easily lead to not only a conflict between South and North Korea, but drag China and the United States and Japan into a confrontation", as well, Cordesman said. The Security Council will meet later on Wednesday to discuss what steps it could take, diplomats said. They also burned an effigy of Kim. Some experts said it was possible the North had increased, or boosted, the yield of a more traditional device by using tritium, a common technique, in the 70-year history of nuclear weapons.