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‘Sorry’ Australian PM Scott Morrison: I could have handled fires crisis better

The family of the late Steve Irwin is doing all they can to help animals that have been displaced and injured.            “With so many devastating fires within Australia my heart breaks for the people and wildlife who have

A number of fires burning in the Snowy Mountains region in New South Wales and into Victoria have merged across more than 600,000 hectares (1.5 million acres) of land.

"This fire took a major run about seven or eight days ago, and with the weather changing now, the weather settling down, the fire has settled down", he said. "The fire behavior has changed". So we can now stand in front of the fire, go on the offensive.

Temperatures above 40ºC and strong winds have made it more hard to fight the fires. The weather is expected to remain mild for the next week, even if the conditions worsen afterwards and the forest fires could flare up again.

There are massive bushfires burning across Australia right now.

"Bit creamy and nutty, but they're all right", Stain said. "They are not spew-worthy, so they are pretty good". Mick Roberts from Buchan and Maramingo Creek man Fred Becker were killed in the fires at East Gippsland on New Year's Day.

Dozens of various other fires have been completely brought in check.

Local media report that another firefighter has died battling the bushfires that continue to ravage large parts of southeastern Australia.

The 60-year-old married father of two children was recognized in November for his 40-year job with the forest authority.

"Although we have vast experience in identifying unsafe trees, these tree failures can sometimes not be predicted", Hardman said. Four of the casualties have been firefighters.

Tiffany & Co has taken out print ads urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take action on climate change. According to experts, this has exacerbated the flames. Thousands of protesters rallied Friday in Sydney and Melbourne, calling for Morrison to be fired and for Australia to take tougher action on global warming.

"The scientific evidence base shows that as the world warms due to human-induced climate change, we experience an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events", Australian Academy of Science President John Shine said in a statement last week.

"Also the Prime Minister acknowledging how much anxiety is in the community, which has been watching this bushfire crisis evolve over the past few months and knowing that we're still in summer ... is an interesting sort of concession". Another young lawmaker, Craig Kelly, has also publicly denied any link between climate change and the fire crisis.

"The government's policies are determined by the cabinet". Morrison said that the government has been working with the Victorian Government to declare three of those councils as Category C assistance areas.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seen here last week visiting Kangaroo Island, which was devastated by wildfires.