Sony reports new Bravia TV line with AirPlay and HomeKit support

Sony A90J

The flagship range of tellies will be powered by Sony's new Cognitive Processor XR which the Japanese firm boasts will allow its TVs to replicate the way humans see and hear. The company claims that the new processor "uses a completely new processing method created to replicate the ways humans see and hear".

HDMI 2.1 for 4K120 and VRROne of the biggest upgrades is HDMI 2.1 that unlocks new video possibilities with consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Sony introduced its first LCD TVs with HDMI 2.1 in 2020 but the OLED TVs we left out in the cold. Sony's new TV lineup comes equipped with Google TV.

Whilst most TVs can detect and analyse certain elements, such as colour and contrast individually, the Cognitive Processor XR can cross-analyse an array of elements all at once, just as our brains do. Due to this, the TVs would be able to give a brighter output when compared with older OLEDs released by Sony.

In doing so, all the elements are adjusted together for the best end result, so that everything in the scene is synchronized and realistic - something that conventional AI can not achieve. Starting with their new Bravia XR lineup of devices, Sony will include Google TV as a part of the core user experience!

Sony A80J

Besides the new processor, Sony's also putting new ambient light sensors on its high-end sets that will not just adjust the brightness based on the brightness of the room, but adjust the white balance as well. In addition to 4K 120, the TV supports variable refresh rate (VRR), auto low latency mode (ALLM), and enhanced audio return channel (eARC).

The company said it will officially announce pricing for these models in Spring, so there's still time to dream. And you can turn this off if you wish.

Sony is ready to adopt Google's new interface known as Google TV (first seen on the new Chromecast) that will completely replace Android TV in the near future. Considering Sony was first to adopt Android TV across all of its TVs, this shouldn't be a surprise. All the new TVs unveiled by the company would also offer to the users the experience of a software very similar to that offered by the latest Chromecast, only with some customisations from Sony in the settings menu and some quick shortcuts. You can also make use of voice control and search with the included remote or apps like Android TV Remote Control. And that can be super useful.