Someone's invented a smart condom, if you're into that

Someone's invented a smart condom, if you're into that

Turns out, a lot, including calories burned during sex, both the speed and average velocity of thrusts, total number of thrusts, girth, average skin temperature, different positions used and the frequency and total duration of sex sessions.

'Mate, I only managed 36 thrusts on Friday night, how about you?'

"It is extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight, you won't even know it's there ensuring maximum pleasure and, peace of mind that you can choose any condom you wish to use in conjunction with the i.Con.", the condom's site notes.

The world's first "smart condom" which rates a man's sexual performances and can detect STIs has been created by scientists.

Another potential catch relates to one of the i.Con's most important features - the ability to detect STIs, chlamydia and syphilis included.

"Have you ever wondered how many calories you're burning during intercourse?" has reached out to British Condoms about the product, which they're taking preorders for, specifically regarding data collection.

One really useful appliance of this smart condom involves STDs.

The wearable is being advertised as the "world's first smart condom", although to be precious, the i.Con isn't actually a condom but a ring that can be placed over a condom.

The ring, first announced last July, is now available for preorder on British Condoms for £59.99 (about $74, AU$97) with an unknown release date.

You don't have to share your dalliance data online though, and the device gives you the option to be completely anonymous. Users will be able to see how they stack up against others, comparing their size and abilities with people from all over the world. It has an integrated micro USB port for charging and each charge will last approximately 6-8 hours worth of "live" usage.

According to the company, users should not be anxious about the privacy of their personal information.

A sensor that can detect positions used is now in BETA testing.