Snapchat Adds 'Infinity' Timer On Messages, 'Magic Eraser' Tool, And Emoji Paintbrush


Snap's main competitor is the Instagram program of Facebook, which has been steadily copying the most popular features of Snapchat.

Snapchat is introducing new features in an update today including the option to create "limitless snaps" with a new "infinity" setting on the timer, a "Magic Eraser tool", and a new "Loop tool". Snap Inc. ends the press release with a statement focused on its dedication to continual improvement of Snapchat. That grew almost 10 times last year, and analysts expect year-over-year revenue growth of around four times again in the first quarter this year to reach $158.1 million.

They'll stay on the screen until you tap to close them. When you send a photo with infinite time, represented by the symbol for infinity and the words "no limit", whoever receives it won't have access to it forever. Once the recipient clicks out of the photo, it will disappear as usual. Hallelujah! An, if you snap a dope selfie but you want to clean it up a little, you can always try the new Magic Eraser - a tool that lets you remove things from photos and replace it with something else - before sending it to your crush on the DL. Users get a cleaner-looking story and Snapchat gets people spending more time engaging with the platform.

On the editing side, the update brings a new organization of the creative tools, along with a new Magic Eraser tool that is nested under the Scissor tool.

Just like before, once that timer expires and the replay feature has been exhausted, the media is deleted for good.

The "Loop" tool gives you the opportunity to have your videos play over-and-over, until your friend is ready for the next Snap.

Signs of success on Discover could help Snap reach more deals for original TV shows, an initiative the company has been building for many months. However, the Snapchat looped videos have sound and can be longer than a Boomerang usually is. If you record a video while making amusing faces for random people on the internet, you'll see the new Loop option is just a single tap on the circular arrow icon, bottom-most of those on the top right.

Now, if you film the clips via the Snapchat app, save them as Memories, and then upload them to your story, the border vanishes and the small header reads, "from Memories".