Shockingly, the 'Monster Hunter' movie trailer is full of giant beasts

Monster Hunter Movie Trailer and New Photos!

Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident ilville, Mortal Kombat), Monster Hunter Looks like a mashup Mad Max Fury Road, Residents are evil, And various touches Godzilla Animals in monsters' designs.

Milla Jovovich stars as Captain Artemis (a character created for the movie), who leads her team of Army Rangers to a location known as Wildspire Waste in an effort to rescue their colleagues from, you guessed it, monsters. "Facing a danger so great that it threatens to destroy her own world; the fierce warriors combine their unique abilities "in order to get out of this situation alive".

If one thing is clear, is that movie director Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to make an entertaining video game movie.

We've seen clips of the the desert battle before, it looks very much like Scoponok's attack in the first Transformers movie, but the trailer also includes a few brief moments showing jungle locations. This is when things hit the fan. After a freak and massive storm (?), these pillars are activated and teleport the group to the world of Monster Hunter.

Principal photography for the film took place in South Africa and Namibia. Sony Pictures Entertainment and TOHO had planned to open the film in North America and Japan, respectively, on September 4. The film is budgeted at around US$60 million. It will follow the adventures of artemis and her crew as they try to survive in a completely foreign world where odd and unusual monsters with powers pop up at every turn.

Less fantasy than sci-fi, the new Monster Hunter movie is giving me major Stargate vibes. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.