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Sheryl Sandberg On The Powerful Way To Help Someone Grieving

A screengrab of a hoax story about Alan Sugar which appeared on Facebook

Much of the book is Sandberg sharing her advice on how to recover from adversity and find joy in your life again. Grief and pain consumed her. Loneliness wasn't far behind. Because what he was telling me, 'this is going to suck. It's that candor you'll find in her new book "Option B".

"One of his friends texted him and said, 'I'm in the lobby of the hospital for a hug for the next hour, whether you come down or not, '" she said.

"Things will never be the same", Sandberg, now 47, wrote in a Facebook post a few days after his death.

SHERYL SANDBERG: I thought it would always feel that way. It shocked her, but ultimately, it helped her to hear this, she notes. Neighbors, coworkers and friends reached out.

Sandberg said that she will donate all of her income from book sales to fund the nonprofit project. And I want other people going through this to know it's possible. He was "the love of my life", she said. It read: "I think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice".

Dave Goldberg at the 2014 Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. It's been a gradual and ragged journey, and she'd trade every lesson learned to have Dave back. A white mug, inscribed with the word "resilience", sits on the conference table.

During her first meeting that day, all she could think was, "What is everyone talking about and why on earth does this even matter?" They got married in 2004 and had two children.

Sandberg recalls saying goodbye to Dave for the last time. I told myself it was unnecessary and that there was nothing I could do.

"She wasn't thinking of herself. The goal is for people to see accurate information on Facebook and everywhere else", she said. "The whole discussion was about: 'How do I help my kids?" Although odds are stacked against them, they do everything they can to raise incredible children.

Two weeks after her husband's death, Sandberg called Grant.

The amount of resilience people have isn't fixed, he explained to Sandberg. Along the way, she infuses anecdotes from personal friends and others she encountered, along with research insights from Grant. And I really didn't believe them.

And so, when I lost Dave, I had this overwhelming grief, but also just this isolation I had never felt in my life. She left with this important message: "Happiness is the small stuff".

Building resilience is something organizations need to do, too, Sandberg says. It opened up a conversation. "We still have a lot of work to do on all of that". We all encounter hardships.

With Forbes pegging Sandberg's net worth at $1.5 billion, she isn't the typical single parent. It became Sandberg's mantra, and it's the name of her new book.

"There's something completely universal about the experience I had", she says.

We all know Option A: It's our main course of action that we hope will be executed flawlessly.

"We had 11 truly joyful years of the deepest love, happiest marriage, and truest partnership that I could imagine..." she continued.

Option B is initially focusing on seven topics: abuse and sexual assault; divorce and family challenges; grief and loss; hate and violence; health, illness, and injury; incarceration; and raising resilient kids. You want to silence a room?

"When it's safe to talk about mistakes, people are more likely to report errors and less likely to make them".

Sheryl Sandberg and her husband Dave Goldberg pictured together in 2013. "But the world is better for the years my beloved husband lived".

Eleven days before the anniversary of her husband's death, which occurred before that speech, Sandberg started crying on the bathroom floor with a friend. These stories, while enlightening, at times feel as though they were forced into the narrative.

And then she had to return home to California to tell her children - then aged seven and 10 - that their father was gone.