Shelby County Officials Announce Three Additional Positive Test For COVID-19

Shelby County Officials Announce Three Additional Positive Test For COVID-19

The DeKalb County Health Department only reports cases linked to county residents, likewise, NIU reports cases linked to campus regardless of residence. Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Wednesday that that health officials are in discussion with the Board of Supervisors to determine when such reopenings may take place.

The total number of cases is now at 8,395 and 1,376 of those are active.

A total of 3,368 people are now being monitored because of exposure to known cases of the coronavirus, according to Wednesday's update.

Of the county's total cases to date, 828 are male and 1,040 are female. These grant funds are created to assist with loss of income due to the business interruption impacts of COVID-19 and the Stay at Home Order.

Three COVID-19 deaths were reported by Minnesota health authorities on Thursday along with 995 infections with the novel coronavirus responsible for the pandemic.

With no deaths reported Tuesday, the first day of fall - the total in B.C. remains at 227.

According to a statement issued by Gonzales County Judge Patrick C. Davis, the total number of confirmed cases increased by 223 due to a backlog of cases being released.

"By using the layers of protection, we reduce our personal risks and the number of new cases, and we make our communities safer", the pair said. The totals are now at 48,504 cases and 643 deaths.

Between 74 percent and 100 percent of the county's new cases in each of the last three weeks were reported outside of group settings such as long-term care or correctional facilities, according to the map. Those were the last confirmed numbers before Monday's data reporting errors.

There is still much work to do to close these gaps, and we will continue to work with partners who are addressing the inequitable distribution of resources and opportunities that are essential for optimal health and well-being. DeKalb County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center remained at seven cases.

"The data so far indicates that our students are like other Oregonians, some have the virus, many in Corvallis have the virus, some are asymptomatic, some are not".