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Senate Republicans try to ignore Trump's attacks on Fauci

039;Not much' could have done differently

"They're exhausted of it. People are exhausted of hearing Fauci and all these idiots", Trump said during a campaign conference call on Monday from his hotel in Las Vegas. Another 60 percent say Trump is not following the advice of medical experts closely enough.

"Mr. President, you're right about one thing: the American people are exhausted", said the former vice president.

While Fauci's influence within the White House has diminished, the doctor remains hugely popular, with Morning Consult and Politico reporting Wednesday that he is viewed by 63% of Americans as having done an excellent or good job responding to the coronavirus, while 38% said the same of Trump. "Science. The best tool we have to keep Americans safe, while Trump's reckless and negligent leadership threatens to put more lives at risk", Biden's campaign said ahead of the final presidential debate on Thursday.

- Why don't you fire him?

For President Donald Trump, COVID-19 is a political liability, not a critical health problem, and he has never taken it seriously. "This guy's a disaster".

On the call, which media were allowed to listen to, Trump also added that Fauci was "a nice guy". In that interview, Fauci said that he had received death threats and had protection from federal agents. "But it bothers me less than the hassling of my wife and my children".

Following the event, the others who were infected besides the President included First Lady Melania Trump; youngest son Barron Trump; senior aides Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller; White House Press Secretary Kayley McEnany; RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel; Republican Senators Mike Lee and Thom Tilis; former adviser Kellyanne Conway; and Trump campaign director Bill Stepien.

"And here I am, they're sticking me right in the middle of a campaign ad".

With 15 days until Election Day, Democrat Joe Biden holds a lead in national opinion polls and in many battleground states where the election is likely to be decided. "I like him. But he's called a lot of bad calls".

The president concluded the call by telling staffers, "Get off this phone and work your asses off, because we are going to win".