Selena Gomez revealed her poignant tattoo in commemoration of her kidney transplant

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The 27-year-old pop star, who dazzled in a vibrant colour-block Givenchy dress at the "Dolittle" premiere that same day, celebrated her "Rare" album release with her closest pals.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Monday night (January 13), the singer told host Jimmy Fallon she recorded a never-before-heard track that didn't make the cut. Let's imagine that Selena Gomez thought this, when on Saturday evening she found herself in the same restaurant in Los Angeles where Hailey Bieber was present, that is the current wife of Justin Bieber, the most famous ex of Selena.

The subject of Selena and Justin is very rough, since it was a relationship in the public eye, people were aware of everything they did and what they did not, so now that Bieber is married the morbid of this situation is still very big. The reason is precisely Madison Beer, Selena's childhood friend, and that evening in the company of "rival" Hailey Bieber.

Behind the music: While she wasn't explicit about who she was talking about, it was easy to assume her fraught relationship with ex Justin Bieber may have been the inspiration for numerous tracks.

Gomez is no stranger to the best friend tattoos, and they all mean something uniquely special. She even showed off her fabulous outing on Instagram Stories, where she put her colorful cake on display.

When it comes to quickly switching up her look, Selena Gomez is a pro. I have known Madison since she was a child and I have seen her become the woman she is. This is disgusting reading all of this. "She's OK on her own, and we all should be too". Beer was seen having dinner with Hailey Baldwin, which some people saw as a deliberate attempt to dampen the mood of the "Lose You To Love Me" singer.

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