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'Seize TOTAL Power' - Roger Stone's Recommendation To Trump If He Loses Election

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump addressed a ceremony at the Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

While a similar meeting between Trump and Biden will not happen, the day will nonetheless bring the two candidates the closest they've been in months.

That said, Trump's weeks of law-and-order messaging appears to have energized his supporters on the right, but not improved his standing enough to put him in the lead.

"Bill Stepien", Trump's campaign director, told reporters recently he had been invited by where matters arrived in Nevada, however there's been a shortage of people polling in the nation. The daily guidance, which mirrors Trump's 2018 schedule, suggests Air Force One will land in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, at 8:50 am ET.

The tightening race in a number of the most contested states, including increasing concern on the president's team about Arizona, has led to a renewed effort for Trump to expand his electoral map.

Mr Stone said he wants an honest, legal and transparent election in which the real victor takes office - but he ruled out Joe Biden as that real victor and said "force will be met with force" if Mr Trump is not re-elected. However, Trump won the 2016 election despite consistently lagging behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the polls.

The pause in television ads may have helped the campaign save up a few bucks, as financial disclosures reveal that they are trailing significantly behind Biden in terms of fundraising. "That's what I hear", the president said to Fox News host Jeanine Pirro.

Donald Trump

The White House announced Saturday that, while out west, Trump will also visit California on Monday to receive a briefing on the devastating wildfires racing through the region. The president expressed his condolences to the victims but, declaring that "I don't have to be nice anymore", focused on tearing into his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

In Shanksville later Friday, Biden laid a wreath at the memorial and greeted the families of several victims, voicing respect for the sacrifices they'd made.

Earlier this morning, Trump tweeted about the anniversary. Three other planes hijacked that day were crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in NY and the Pentagon.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - who is on his way to Doha for Afghan peace talks - said the U.S. honors the almost 3,000 people who died on September 11, in a statement on the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The Republican president meanwhile travelled to Shanksville, Pennsylvania some 480 kilometres to the west of NY, where an airliner crashed after the passengers tried to wrest control from the Al-Qaeda hijackers.

Another Trump donor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said no one was panicked over Biden's fundraising haul last month, which beat the previous monthly record of $193 million set by former President Barack Obama in September 2008.

The 2,200-acre Flight 93 National Memorial marks the spot in rural Pennsylvania where the hijacked flight crashed, killing all 40 people on board.