See inside iPhone 12 and 12 Pro with iFixit's latest teardown video

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

In fact, on the first day of the sale, some people were even reselling brand new iPhones at up to 1000 yuan (around Rs 11,000) more to buyers who were waiting in the queue in front of the Apple store.

Two tests were performed on the iPhone XS Max. In my review, I mention that the 12 Pro lasted me about seven and a half hours before reaching 22 percent on a busier day.

After doing the same process twice with the MagSafe charger, MacRumors found that Apple's new charging device was only able to juice the iPhone XS Max up to 13% or 14% after 30 minutes.

That's quite remarkable considering that the iPhone 12 now pushes a higher Full HD+ resolution of 2532×1170 pixels on an OLED panel instead of a lower 1792×828 pixels LCD display on the 11. However, while the Google Pixel 5 can latch onto the MagSafe magnetic connection, our tests showed it didn't deliver the sustained 15W of charging that Apple's MagSafe charger is built to deliver.

These results also mean that it won't make sense to get the MagSafe charger for use with older iPhone models.

Enter21st.Recently launched iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones have come on iFixit. iFixit is a well-liked web site and YouTube channel taught to open and re-assemble iPhone fashions.

Apple doesn't say how quickly other devices will charge when placed onto a MagSafe Charger - it just says that it will work.

Stern noted, however, that while the MagSafe charger is better than other Qi-based chargers when used on iPhone 12 devices, it still is slower compared to wired charging using Lightning.

This futuristic technology is an exciting part of the phone's appeal.