Scarlett Johansson Reflects on 10 Years of Black Widow in New Featurette

New Black Widow Featurette Highlights Natasha’s Legacy

A new clip of Marvel Cinematic Universe's Black Widow is out.

Shortland also mentioned that audiences will be seeing "the real Black Widow", presumably the one who got up to all kinds of shady activity before joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and made plenty of mistakes.

Die-hard fans are also given a better look at Marvel's infamous and extremely mysterious supervillain, Taskmaster - who seemingly mirrors Romanoff's skillsets as a "trained killer". The ability to replicate fighting moves after seeing them once lays groundwork for some more cool Avengers easter eggs in the movie, which is set sometime between the events of Civil War and Infinity War. "We're still both trained killers". Perhaps one of her jobs will come back to haunt her.

Now, going based entirely on Davis' speculative tweet alone, there could be a connection between Natasha's change in look, as well as her dedication to doing "whatever it takes" to defeat Thanos. In a new interview with Johansson, a decade later, the actress looks back at the journey she's taken with Natasha, relishing in the opportunity to finally dive deep into the "inner-workings" of the character.

Marvel Studios dropped a special look of Black Widow which is nearing its release where Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow can be seen in the midst of a mission as she clashes with a masked villain. We remember, as Nat has talked about having "red in her ledger" before.

"She's not a classic hero because she has a dark past", said the filmmaker.

In the film, Johansson reprises her Marvel alter-ego, Natasha Romanoff, while Pugh makes her MCU debut as her "sister", Yelena Belova. "You get to see all these facets of her that we've never ever seen before", the director teased.

Potential Black Widow spoilers: This might sound dumb I'm not sure but is it possible that Rachael Weisz's character "Melina" could be Taskmaster in the upcoming Black Widow movie.