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Sasse Slams Trump's Embrace Of 'Nuts' QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie Trump praises QAnon supporters They 'love our country'

The social media site is also blocking hashtags related to QAnon and removing hundreds of groups tied to the far-left antifa movement, The Times reported.

The new policy will remove pages that wade into discussions of violence without specifically endorsing violent acts.

Trump has also amplified QAnon supporters on Twitter numerous times over the past year or more, retweeting 14 QAnon accounts on the Fourth of July alone.

In addition, Facebook will prohibit these groups from running ads soliciting donations, the release said.

Pages, groups, and accounts that have been restricted will be closely monitored and subject to removal for violations of the updated policy, according to the release.

The group has lately expanded its presence on Facebook with posts on the novel coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. But- is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?

Mr Trump insisted he had not heard much about the movement, "other than I understand they like me very much" and "it is gaining in popularity".

Facebook in May purged accounts linked to the community, saying they were in violation of a ban on "coordinated inauthentic behavior".

A reporter then outlined her interpretation of QAnon, telling the president that one of the theories bandied about is that Trump is "secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals".

Social media platforms have increasingly targeted QAnon accounts.

The FBI designated QAnon a "domestic terror threat" in 2019 because of what the agency said was the potential for the theory to drive adherents to acts of violence. And we are actually, we are saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country and when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.

Which brings us to the press conference, which saw an NBC reporter ask Trump about Qanon.

Supporters stand with construction executive Marjorie Taylor Greene, right, August 11, 2020.

While Trump didn't outright say that yes, he is locked in mortal combat with bottomless paedophilic evil, the suggestion he's never heard of Qanon is interesting.

Mr Trump has, in the past, retweeted content from known QAnon sympathisers, as well as tweets containing hashtags used by believers in the conspiracy. Greene handily won the GOP primary in the state's heavily Republican 14th congressional district, defeating an opponent who ran as "all of the conservative, none of the embarrassment".