Russian referendum allows Putin to stay in power till 2036

Putin triumphant as critics slam vote extending his rule

The results will allow the Kremlin to say that a vast majority of Russians back Putin's continued rule beyond 2024, the year that until now marked the end of his fourth and final term as president. Hours before polls closed on Wednesday, Russia's elections committee released preliminary results for the vote, showing that 73% of Russians had supported the amendments.

Voters in Estonia totaled 7,526, of whom 6,747, or 89.65 percent, were in favor of the constitutional reforms, while 733, or 9.74 percent, were against.

The changes allow Putin to run for two more six-year terms after his current one expires in 2024, but also outlaw same-sex marriages, mention the "belief in God as a core value" and emphasize the primacy of Russian law over worldwide norms.

Putin said during the campaign to change the constitution that he would not let the traditional notion of a mother and father be subverted by what he called "parent number 1" and "parent number 2". I don't exclude the possibility of this.

"It is a delightfully delicious and high-quality ice cream with various colors based on natural dyes", Armen Beniaminov said, adding: "For us, the rainbow represents the sunshine after a rain, the most handsome natural phenomenon".

Asked if he might stay in power that long, Putin - the country's ruler for two decades, alternating as president or prime minister - said that "he did not exclude anything", citing the need to maintain political stability. "Now the Russians have backed all the initiatives to amend the constitution".

"Running such a country is very hard and apparently there is no worthy successor yet, or they are just not ready", he said. The amendment will reset the limits, giving Putin two more 6 year terms to potentially have, up to 2036.

"Prime Minister recalled the participation of an Indian contingent in the military parade held in Moscow on 24 June as a symbol of abiding friendship between the peoples of India and Russian Federation", according to a statement released by MEA. This includes a ban on same-sex marriage, guaranteed minimum pensions, and a provision to ban the relinquishing of any Russian territory, a move aimed at solidifying Russia's hold on Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

The NGOs have already reported the cases, in which illegally detained Crimean Tatars were threatened and punished after they had refused to take part in the illegal voting.

'The vote was carried out with the utmost transparency, ' she said.

The Kremlin pulled out all the stops to bolster the turnout and makeshift polling stations cropped up across the country, including some in buses, tents and on street benches which were ridiculed on social media.