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Russian military says its bombing sharply cut IS oil incomes

US Says No Cooperation with Russian Federation Unless Assad Is Removed

According to Kartapolov, most of the vehicles were destroyed while transporting Syrian crude oil to Iraqi refineries under the Islamic State group's control.

"This has considerably cut down the militants' capability for an illegal export of energy resources and, consequently, for getting the revenues for the contraband", he said.

The Syrian Armed Forces have abundant evidence of the effectiveness of the Russian air campaign, which has inflicted irreparable damage to terrorists in Syria, an army spokesman said Friday.

Four Su-34 tactical strike aircraft based in Russian Federation are also taking part in the air raids, while eight similar Su-27 fighters are flying escort missions for the bombers.

The Russian military has destroyed numerous oil facilities and tankers controlled by the Islamic State group in Syria, sharply cutting its income, Russia's defense minister said.

Russia's intervention in Syria follows that of a US-led coalition that has been carrying out strikes against IS in the country since September 2014.

The Kremlin has used the air campaign in Syria to showcase an array of new weapons, including state-of-the art cruise missiles.

"Bottom line is I do not foresee a situation in which we can end the civil war in Syria while Assad remains in power", he told reporters at the APEC summit in the Philippines.

"One thing which was heard loud and clears in our discussions in the council is that there should be unity of the council".

Churkin insisted that Syria must have a role in confronting the IS group, saying "to ignore the Syrian something that is definitely weakening the possibility of our joint fight".

Russian officials are claiming that the speed with which they have hit the Islamic State group - also known as ISIS or ISIL - in recent attacks has forced field commanders to evacuate dead jihadi militants' corpses from the battlefield at night and dump them in mass graves.

Washington: The Pentagon said on Wednesday the U.S. military had no plans to conduct coordinated operations with the Russians in striking IS.