Russian Federation to launch coronavirus vaccine in August

Biotech company IDT Biologika staff prepare the filling of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate

According to the news release, these trial volunteers will be separated into two groups, and be issued either the vaccine or the controlled placebo.

"It's a Sputnik moment", he told USA broadcaster CNN, referring to the launch in 1957 of the world's first space satellite by Russian Federation.

Mr Dmitriev said he got vaccinated and his 74-year old parents, who are molecular biologists, chose to as well, out of scientific curiosity. Should either the Moderna or Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine candidates prove successful, it would be an unprecedented breakthrough.

There are also wide concerns the human testing of the vaccine is incomplete.

Frontline health care workers will be first in line to receive the shot.

American biotech company Moderna could charge governments between 50 and 60 dollars for its upcoming coronavirus vaccine, the Financial Times reported.

Phase III human clinical trials may start in India by August and it may be launched by November.

While this has sped the development process, USA and European regulators are requiring the full complement of safety and efficacy tests for the vaccine.

"The Ministry of Health in Russian Federation is following all necessary strict procedures".

Alexander Ginsburg, the director of the project, was quoted as saying that he has already injected himself with the vaccine. Officials say the drug has been studied in the past for use against other infections and in cancer therapy.

Russian Federation has reported a total of 834,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 630,000 recoveries and 13,802 fatalities as of this week.

According to the results from this 1st phase, the vaccine candidate has induced a strong antibody as well as T-cell immune responses for over 56 days. This means data gathering could take months, which corresponds to Dr. Anthony Fauci's earlier estimate that vaccine availability might not happen until 2021.

"Any country that wants to provide vaccines for their own citizens can do that by investing in the COVAX facility, which will then invest across a range of vaccine candidates both in the research&development and the manufacturing".

"(Regulatory) approval will be in the first two weeks of August", the development source said.

The vaccine entered the final stages of trials on Monday and is set to be tested on over 30,000 participants.

According to the World Health Organization protocols, a vaccine has to go through three phases of studies to be approved for large-scale production.

The study has led to clinical trials of the ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine, which have enrolled more than 8,000 volunteers as of the beginning of July 2020, they said.