Rubio Urges Biden to Make $2,000 Stimulus Checks Top Priority

Mr Biden's stimulus is likely to build on the two massive relief packages Congress approved in 2020

The Florida Republican wrote to Biden that "It would send a powerful message to the American people if, on the first day of your presidency, you called on the House and Senate to send you legislation to increase the direct economic impact payments to Americans struggling due to the pandemic from $600 to $2,000".

"Democrats wanted to do much more in the last bill and promised to do much more, given the opportunity, to increase direct payments to a total of $2,000", Democrat Chuck Schumer, who is expected to be the Majority Leader in the Senate, said recently.

Some Democrats are urging Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to use an obscure post-9/11 power to pressure McConnell to reconvene the Senate early.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (Ky.) is reportedly "pleased" with congressional Democrats' efforts to impeach President Donald Trump over last week's attack on the Capitol building by a pro-Trump mob, according to a report from The New York Times. I imagine there might be 17 Republican Senators who want to be done with him. "Can we spend half a day dealing with the impeachment, and half a day getting my people appointed and confirmed in the Senate and taking action?"

Democratic Senate leader Schumer says that a trial for Trump in the Senate likely won't occur until after Biden takes over.

US markets shrugged off the attack on the Capitol in Washington by Trump supporters who were trying to block final confirmation of Biden's victory. Five people died in last week's riot.

The aide also said some moderate Democrats worry that impeachment would "harden Trump's base and turn him into a martyr instead of keeping him on his heels with a fractured GOP". All he needs is my agreement.

Schumer and Democrats are hoping to have a trial concluded by the time Biden takes office on January 20, but without McConnell's consent, that proposition is practically impossible.

The sources said Biden may provide $300 per month to households for every child under 6, and $250 per month for children between the ages of 6 and 17, which would level out to $3,600 per year for families with one young child and $3,000 per year for families with older children.