Rosie O'Donnell Debuts Pic of Her as Steve Bannon on Twitter


The buzz surrounding O'Donnell potentially playing Bannon on "SNL" began after Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer on the show's February 4 episode. Melissa McCarthy roared out of the gate in male drag, doing a dead on impression of the bizarrely unhinged propaganda distributing device known as Sean Spicer.

Recently, Rosie has said publicly that she'd love to play Bannon on "Saturday Night Live" - the Twitter pic gave her almost one million Twitter followers a sneak peak of what that transformation would look like.

If Trump has an issue with this idea, he should just look back on all the names he has called O'Donnell in the past including, "fat", "pig", and a "degenerate". Currently, Bannon is portrayed on SNL as a demon with black attire, a skull face, and a foreboding voice that orders Trump around.

The star tweeted her continuing criticism of Trump on New Year's Day.

Apparently, Spicer's job is on shaky ground because Trump thinks being played by a woman made him "look weak".

To prove that she'd be ideal for the role, O'Donnell mashed hers and Bannon's faces together and made the resulting photo her Twitter avatar. She also said she would need "a few days to prepare" for the role.

"My thoughts exactly - u know they watch it - cuddled together in short bathrobes in the Lincoln bedroom - eating fast food - tweeting #love", she tweeted about Trump and Bannon. She has also served as host of ABC's THE VIEW.

It's still unknown whether the NBC comedy series has considered casting Trump's longtime nemesis as his current White House puppet master, but Rosie is certainly making it hard to say no!

Spicer told Extra he found the bit "really amusing", but a source close to Mr. Prez said he was not as amused.

He said in a phone interview on Monday that it doesn't really matter what he thinks about the skit, and that: 'I would much rather have the focus be on the president's agenda and the success he's having'. O'Donnell responded positively. In 2006, O'Donnell publicly criticized what she called Trump's immoral behavior, according to CNN. He's repeated said that Alec's impression of him is "terrible" and not amusing.