Rogers Committing to More 4k TV For 2016

Rogers Communications (NYSE:RCI +1.4%) is making a bigger move into next-gen TV, with a rollout of gigabit Internet speeds, 4K TV and a new capable set-top box and high dynamic range (HDR) broadcast commitments.

The Canadian firm says it will have 4K TV with HDR for the Toronto Blue Jays’ home opener in April 2016.

Live 4K broadcasts and 4K-capable set-top boxes have been in short supply, but CEO Guy Laurence says “We are solving both problems in one go with the world’s largest commitment to 4K broadcasting and a new 4K set top box for customers that will allow customers to see sports and entertainment in the highest resolution and with the fastest Internet speeds.”

The company is committing to broadcast more than 100 live events in 4K, including all 81 Blue Jays home games, and more than 100 hours of 4K movies via the Shomi service.

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